A solicitor is a legal professional who is qualified to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. They are authorized to provide legal advice and represent clients in legal proceedings. Solicitors are typically consulted by clients who need legal advice or help prepare and represent documents in court. The role of a solicitor is varied and depends largely on the area of law they are practicing. Solicitors can assist with matters such as drafting contracts, preparing and filing documents, appearing in court on behalf of clients, and negotiating settlements in civil and commercial disputes. Additionally, solicitors may also provide non-legal advice and assistance. 
Tracing people is an important job for solicitors. Whether it’s for a legal case or a client, it’s crucial that solicitors can track down individuals who cannot be located. Below are the reasons why solicitors need to trace people. 
1. To Serve Legal Papers 
One of the most common reasons solicitors need to trace people is to serve them with legal papers. When a dispute or lawsuit is started, the person responsible must be notified via official papers. For this, knowing their whereabouts is necessary. By tracing the person, solicitors can ensure the papers are served, and the process can continue. 
2. To Gather Evidence 
When a case has already been started, solicitors are often required to track down people to collect evidence. These could be witnesses to the case or people who may know information that could help the case. The case may be complete if the missing person is found and contacted. 
3. To Complete Prenuptial Agreements 
Prenuptial agreements must be completed before a marriage can take place. If the person signing the agreement cannot be located, the marriage cannot take place. Solicitors must be able to trace the person in order to complete the agreement and proceed. 
4. To Trace Beneficiaries 
When a person dies, they often have an estate left behind. Solicitors must trace any beneficiaries of the estate in order to ensure they are notified and receive their rightful inheritance. In the cases where the beneficiary is not located, the estate may remain unclaimed. 
5. To Find Missing Persons 
In some cases, solicitors may be tasked with finding a missing person. This could be someone who has gone missing for a variety of reasons. From a runaway child to an elderly person with dementia, there are various reasons why a person cannot be found. By being able to trace them, solicitors can help to reunite families. 
Tracing people is an important job for solicitors and one that is often necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to serve legal papers, collect evidence, complete an agreement or locate a missing person, tracing people is an essential part of the solicitor’s role. By being able to locate people who may be difficult to find, solicitors can ensure the legal process is completed and that people can be reunited with family. It’s an important skill to have and one that all solicitors must be able to do. 
Finding someone's address can be stressful if you take on the task yourself. Here at CCS Nationwide we are happy to help and for you to leave all the hard work to our investigators. 
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