On 18th March 2020, the government said that it would present a complete ban on evictions affected by COVID-19; and this ban will stand for both social as well as private rented accommodation. Due to the fear that thousands of people could lose their homes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has now extended the ban until 20th September. Under this rule, landlords will now not be able to evict their tenants in England and Wales till further notice. 
Ministers are working together with the courts and legislatures to make sure that courts in the UK can look after the interests of all parties involved, including the tenants and the landlords. Although most of the cases will be in favor of the tenants, renters will be getting a notice of six months if they are being evicted by their landlord. 
Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced on 21st August, “The government also intends to give tenants greater protection from eviction over the winter by requiring landlords to provide tenants with 6 months’ notice in all bar those cases raising other serious issues such as those involving anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse perpetrators, until at least the end of March”. 
Although, landlords are not too happy with the Governments ruling as they believe it to be unacceptable as before COVID-19, a notice of eviction was typically two months. This notice period has not only been extended, but it is still under review and therefore a huge chance of it to be extended even further. 
The government, at present, does not seem likely to lift the ban, as lifting it would put many people in danger losing their homes in these difficult times. Moreover, an increase in homelessness could put more people at risk of being infected by the virus. 
Although the whole situation is difficult for landlords, nothing can be done and we all have to follow the government’s ruling. However, the situation will become difficult when the ban is lifted and tenants just leave without notifying the landlords. This will result in an additional loss to landlords who would have spent a huge time waiting for the rent. 
At CCS we are here to help you with our tenant tracing services to locate any absconded tenants who have left without clearing their dues. 
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