Private limited companies are not required to appoint a company secretary, unless there is a provision in the articles of association. Such a provision is found in private companies registered before April 6th 2008. Nevertheless, a special resolution can be passed by the shareholders or directors to eliminate such a provision. If this provision is not removed from a company's articles, then the company is lawfully required to have a company secretary. Organisations with no such provision are free to designate or eliminate Company Secretaries as per their requirements. 
What does a company secretary do? 
A company secretary has various roles and responsibilities within a company. Thes roles include the following: 
Conformity with corporate administration and other monetary and legal guidelines. 
Maintaining company addresses. 
Checking the company’s finances and keeping accounting records 
Handling of investor administration and correspondence 
Together with the Finance Director preparing annual accounts and tax returns 
Providing corporate advice to the board of directors. 
In the event that the business doesn't appoint a company secretary, the above roles should still be fulfilled by the company directors. If a company secretary has not been appointed then the authority is solely with the directors, who can appoint an individual to undertake these tasks on their behalf. 
Instructions to appoint a company secretary 
You can appoint a company secretary online during the company incorporation of the business or anytime thereafter. You can remove a company secretary online whenever you want to. Your appointment or removal of a company secretary should be done via the Companies House website. 
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