If you've purchased an apartment, chances are it was sold to you on a leasehold basis. However, you may be asking if you can buy the freehold of your home and how to do so. 
Many apartment owners are content to purchase under leasehold terms. You may, however, decide that you want more control over your block and, in particular, the money spent on it. While you should anticipate paying ground rent and service charges, these expenditures can occasionally skyrocket. You may discover unjustified ground rent increases in your freeholder's contract, or you and your fellow tenants may appear to be paying inflated charges for building services. 
If you're looking to buy a home, you've probably heard that an absentee freeholder holds the property title. This means the freeholder isn't present at the property to deal with issues. This can make it challenging to get the freeholder to respond to your concerns and affect your ability to sell the property. Luckily, finding the absentee freeholder's current and contactable address is possible. Thus, below are some of the steps to trace a freeholder. 
The land register documents are official records of the land that exists in the state. They may contain an obsolete address for the property's freeholder, who is the person who owns the land. This may be useful for finding old deeds or maps for the property, but it is not needed for finding the current owner. You can find the property's current owner by looking up the title to the property in the public records. 
If you have been unable to reach the absentee freeholder to discuss your concerns about your property, it may be time to consider using a professional tracing service. These services will locate the absentee freeholder's current and contactable address so that you can contact the absentee freeholder directly. 
But in many other cases, the freeholder is absent because they have moved away or died. When this happens, the property owner is left to deal with the problems that come with being a landlord, such as fixing broken pipes, fixing broken locks, and so on. However, because of the absence of the freeholder, the property has no one to ask for help when these kinds of problems arise. This is often referred to as an absent freeholder problem. 
Freeholders in the leasehold interest may also see the lack of involvement of the freeholder as advantageous in that they may be tempted to make changes to the flat, which would necessitate freeholder consent without concern. 
The long and expensive journey of the absent freeholder has ended. An application for a vesting order is now a necessary step for the absent freeholder to regain control of the land he once owned. 
If you purchased a new home and have a copy of your lease, your freeholder will be listed on the lease. Otherwise, if you get ground rent claims, they should include the freeholder's name and address. If the freeholder manages the property, the freeholder's name and address shall appear on each service charge demand. 
If the details for the freeholder are old or unknown and you need to find their current details to contact them, please get in touch with CCS Nationwide. 
We can help you to trace the current address of the freeholder so you can contact them. Please get in touch with us today at info@ccsnationwide.co.uk  
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