Before hiring a private investigator, one should be clear about the purpose of hiring them and be prepared to face the situation that will arise on account of that investigation. Once you know about the purpose of the investigation, you can look for the type of investigator who will carry out that investigation and handle the situation professionally. 
To find a suitable private investigator, one should take the following steps: 
Contact your acquaintances who in the past have hired private investigators; if they provide any names, note them. However, if none have hired an investigator, go through the phone book or search your area using the internet. Once you have some names, check their websites for the details like their location, whether they are working from an office, their business skills and services, qualification, experience etc., for shortlisting. 
An in-person meeting will give you a better impression and assessment of the investigator’s professionalism and help you decide whether they are competent and trustworthy. There may be a need for the detective to testify in a criminal or civil court; during an in-person meeting, one can make sure that the private investigator will tactfully handle the case in court. To choose a reliable and professional private investigator, ask for the following during an in-person meeting. 
Ask for the licence and make sure it is valid. This will also ensure that they are an authorised and professionally qualified investigator. 
Check for insurance: This protects you from being liable if anything happens to the private investigator during the investigation. 
Ask about their experience, formal education and the type of cases they have dealt with in the past. Ensure they have adequate knowledge to handle your case, have required technical skills, dealt with cases similar to yours, are qualified to investigate and testify in the type of case you are hiring for. 
Please check their conduct and character to confirm whether you will be comfortable working with the investigator you are talking to and whether they will keep your sensitive information confidential. 
Ask them for references; once you have some references, try to find out about the investigator’s skills, ability, reliability, etc. 
Whether they conduct their business from the office or restaurants, by phone or mailbox to ensure they can be easily found and approached in case of need. 
Discuss payment to have a clear understanding of what your investigation will cost. 
Check whether their first concern is money and wants to close the deal or give you adequate time to decide about hiring them. 
Ensure that they have a clean record and no complaints have been registered or disciplinary actions filed against them. The state association of private investigators can check these. 
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