Are you wondering how to find anyone’s specific address in the UK? 
The first requirement to successfully find anyone’s address is gaining access to the right data to find it. There are registered companies in the UK that are access enabled to Credit Reference Agencies data. This makes the task much easier for them in comparison to anyone from the public searching without access to this data. The information available because of the data from a credit agency makes it possible to find any recent changes in address for anyone that might have moved. An example would be paying a recent credit card bill that will be indicative of the individual staying at the address as of quite recent even a couple of weeks. These prove to generally be very accurate in most cases. 
We have compiled a list below of 10 key points of information that will help to locate someone in the UK’s current address: 
The full name of the individual you wish to trace. 
Date of birth or year of birth of the subject. 
Any and all previous addresses 
Any telephone numbers and contact details. 
Social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn etc) 
The names of any partners or spouses. 
Any photographs of the subject to help ID them. 
Current or previous employment details. 
The names of any relatives and family. 
Any known addresses and contact details for family members. 
Selecting the right tracing agency that is registered is vital to locate anyone’s address you need. Other agents that are not registered will not access to the same accurate information that will make it more difficult to find the current whereabouts of individuals 
First ensure they are registered with the appropriate authorities 
It should be a professional agency with a good track record 
Look for verifiable reviews on independent trade review sites 
They need to be GDPR compliant 
All their data and website should be well secure 
Should offer different payment options along with a third part guarantee for payments 
Check there is no hidden costs involved 
Negotiate for a fixed fee, so that there no extra charges later 
The trace should be over within 7-10 working days 
Look for an agency that specialises in only tracking people 
There are plenty of one-man agencies operating in the UK, so you need to be cautious in only working with those that are registered and the best in the business, such as CCS Nationwide
It is estimated that there are over 10,000 private investigators and tracing agents in the UK. If you need a compliant tracing agent that ticks all of the requirements then there is one choice we recommend which is CCS Nationwide Ltd
If you need to trace a missing person please contact us and we will do the rest -  
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