When you need to find someone's address legally, it's essential to understand why this is necessary and the various ways you can do it. This CCS Nationwide article will discuss how to find someone’s address in the UK with handy tips and advice on how you can locate a persons current address in the UK. 
There are many legitimate reasons why you may need to find someone's address, which may include – 
To Serve Legal Documents: When involved in legal proceedings, it's often necessary to serve the other party with legal documents at their current address. 
To Collect a Debt: If you're dealing with a debt collector, you may need to track down the debtor's address to collect the debt and also proceed with any intended court action against the person that owes you money if needed. As it is a requirement of the court to issue any proceeding to the current address of the defendant. 
To find a beneficiary in a will: If you are the executor of a will, you will need to find all beneficiaries of the will. Often wills are made many years prior so the address of the beneficiary is either an old address, incorrect or for some reason uncontactable. 
To find a long-lost friend or a family member who has moved away: There are many occasions where families lose touch with one another and sometimes they want to reconnect after many years. 
Whatever the reason, finding someone's address is a tricky business. Fortunately, there are several ways to go about it, however many of these methods take a lot of time and you could spend months without success. 
You can find numerous online versions of Public record searches or the Electoral Roll however this information is often historic and outdated. Unlike daily updated information from Credit agencies which is available to tracing agents such as CCS Nationwide. We use information such as this along with our specialist industry own tracing data to locate people. 
You can also use social networks to find someone's address. Many people list their locations on their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. You can search for the person's name, hometown, or city. However this would then require further investigation to find the exact address. 
Our UK traces are not reliant on electronic data but involve manual investigation by our trace team with telephone enquiries and specialist search techniques. 
Hiring an excellent tracing agency such as CCS Nationwide is the recommended method of choice for tracing someone. It is also reliable as it considers accurate references and approaches to find any particular address. 
Finding someone's address can be stressful if you take on the task yourself. Here at CCS Nationwide we are happy to help and for you to leave all the hard work to our investigators. 
If you need help locating someone's legal address, please contact us - info@ccsnationwide.co.uk 
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