If you are a shareholder with a good reason to oppose the application, such as a creditor, you can object to a limited company's request to be struck off the company's register. A limited company's ability to pay its debts and remain solvent determines whether it will be dissolved or not (unable to pay its bills). 
The directors should request to have it stricken off the register at Companies House if the company is solvent in order to wind it down quickly. What transpires, though, if you attempt to dismiss the firm despite it being bankrupt or otherwise owing money to creditors? An official letter of protest will be sent to you. Limited company directors may be banned for up to 15 years and given a jail term if there is any indication of wrongdoing or fraud. 
Objecting to a company being struck off the register is an important process that should not be taken lightly. It is essential for any company to ensure they are compliant with all relevant regulations, and it is also important to understand how this process works if you do find yourself in a situation where your company may be at risk of being struck off. The first step when objecting to a company being struck off the register is to make sure you have all the necessary information available, such as financial statements, accounts, director's reports, and other documents relating to the business. This will help demonstrate why your company should remain on the Companies Register. 
Once you have gathered all these documents together, it is time to contact Companies House directly (or the relevant authority in your country) and explain why you believe that striking off is not appropriate. You should provide evidence of how the company has complied with all legal requirements and any other information that may help demonstrate why it should remain on the register. This process can take some time, so patience is key when objecting to a company being struck off. In some cases, Companies House will require additional documents or further information before they make their decision, so it is essential to be prepared for this possibility. 
Finally, if you are successful in objecting to a company being struck off the register, then certain steps must be taken for it to stay registered. These include filing accounts and other documents with Companies House regularly, as well as informing them of any changes to the company's directors or registered office address. Objecting to a company being struck off the register can be an arduous process, but it is essential for companies who wish to remain compliant with all relevant regulations. By ensuring you have all the necessary information available and contacting Companies House directly, you will be able to make your case in the most effective manner possible. 
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