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Private limited companies are not required to appoint a company secretary, unless there is a provision in the articles of association. Such a provision is found in private companies registered before April 6th 2008. Nevertheless, a special resolution can be passed by the shareholders or directors to eliminate such a provision. If this provision is not removed from a company's articles, then the company is lawfully required to have a company secretary. Organisations with no such provision are free to designate or eliminate Company Secretaries as per their requirements. 
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Do you need a registered office service in Birmingham? 
What is a registered office address? 
Any registered company that is incorporated in the UK is legally bound to have a registered office address. 
A Registered Office address is the official legal address for any company and stores the statutory registers needed at the time of inspection. It receives legal and statutory documents and correspondence from HMRC, government departments, and the Companies House. While it is not essential to be in the same address as the actual trading premises it has to be a physical postal address with the same jurisdiction in the UK where the business is registered. A registered office address can be a non-residential or residential address although it is recommended for privacy reasons to choose a non-residential option. 
What Does ‘Apostille’ Mean? 
Certain documents need a particular kind of attestation known as an ‘Apostille’. It is a kind of attestation by which you can legalise documents in a specific format that is recognised by countries that have signed the Hague Convention. It is an international attestation that is recognised and accepted in around 105 nations with most countries in the western world accepting it. 
An apostille stamp is square and computer-generated that is generally stamped on the back of any required document. It has a unique identification code that enables any nation to check its validity online. When a document is apostilled, there is no requirement for an embassy to check it further. 
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