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Options in the UK if court papers cannot be served conventionally 

When a legal case escalates to the court, the defendant must be served with a summons outlining the case details, amount owed and the hearing date. The issuing of a summons is undertaken by a process server who personally hand delivers the documents to the defendant in person. If this is not possible then the summons can be issued by registered post if the court permits this. It is part of the legal system and in such cases is a legally binding method for official documents to be served. However, what does one do if the legal documents cannot be served in the UK? 
Are you wondering how to find someone’s specific home address in the UK? 
The first requirement to successfully find a person’s address is gaining access to the right data and information to locate it. There are registered companies in the UK that have specialist skills when accessing this data and how to use it. This makes the task much easier for them in comparison to members of the public searching without access to any specialised data. The information available from specialist data enables the tracing agency to identify any recent changes in address for anyone that might have moved away from their residence. Everyone uses items and equipment such as credit cards and mobile telephones that leave foot prints as to the movements of individuals who use them. 
Certificate of Incorporation 
When a business owner decides to create or incorporate a company for their business, they will receive a ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ once the company has been formed. The certificate is a legal record of the company being incorporated. 
A Registered Office address also known as simply Registered Office or legal seat is the official physical location of a business or company registered in the United Kingdom. The address is given by Companies House that serves as the Registrar for incorporated UK businesses. 
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