At these challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Process Servers are taking additional steps to make sure that all legal documents are delivered to you safely and securely. 
To keep everyone safe our operatives have all been briefed on the ABI guidelines and we have made a few changes to our already smooth process and taken the following precautions... 
1. Precautions for Process Servers – We will issue the Protective Equipment Kit to our Process Servers. The kit will include, face masks, disposable gloves, and plastic document sleeves, all of which will ensure that there is a reduced transmission risk. 
2. Document Dispatch - To minimize the risk of transmission, wherever possible, documents will be provided electronically to Process Servers. 
3. Screenings – Before they start their work, Process Servers will go through regular health screenings to make sure they do not have any symptoms of coronavirus. 
4. Washing hands - Process Servers will maintain proper hygiene and wash their hands at regular intervals. 
5. Delivery of documents – While delivering the legal documents to the respondents' address, Process Servers will knock, and then stand away from the door. 
6. Identification - Process Servers will carry out identification from a distance, asking for verification of residency and authorise identity as normal. 
7. Serve – After the identification, Process Servers will place the sealed documents on the ground, ascertaining them as legal documents. 
8. Observation - Process Servers will then keep a safe distance and make sure that the subject has retrieved the documents. Process Servers will not leave until they have made sure that the documents have been retrieved. 
When possible, if email addresses and/or phone numbers are available, our Process Servers will utilise these in an attempt to contact the respondent to allow for contactless delivery or avoid unnecessary visits to the property. 
Here at CCS, we cover process serving for – 
Statutory demands, Claim Forms, N39, N79, Divorce Papers, Bankruptcy Petitions, Injunctions, Non-Molestation, Winding Up Petition, Notice of Proceedings, Possession Notice etc, and attendance for any other matters. 
We have agents available to cover the whole of the UK. Contact us now if you need any assistance! 
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