Do you need a registered office service in Birmingham? 
What is a registered office address? 
Any registered company that is incorporated in the UK is legally bound to have a registered office address. 
A Registered Office address is the official legal address for any company and stores the statutory registers needed at the time of inspection. It receives legal and statutory documents and correspondence from HMRC, government departments, and the Companies House. While it is not essential to be in the same address as the actual trading premises it has to be a physical postal address with the same jurisdiction in the UK where the business is registered. A registered office address can be a non-residential or residential address although it is recommended for privacy reasons to choose a non-residential option. 
Why do I need a registered office address and the benefits of this service? 
Some of the potential benefits of having a non-residential registered office address include: 
Privacy. With search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. providing information at a few clicks of the mouse, having a non-residential registered office address offers privacy. You can have the peace of mind of knowing your home address is private and not easily accessible to anyone browsing online. 
Build business credibility. Selecting a good location for your registered office address adds to the credibility of any business or company. It shows the business to be successful and professional and this image is vital for any business to grow and be profitable in the long term. 
Legally Required. Any registered company that is incorporated within the UK is legally bound to have a registered office address. It is the physical location where the Tax, HMRC, and Companies House send notices, reminders, and other legal documents. The registered office address will be displayed by the Companies House and it is visible to all. 
Do not miss any important post. In the main legal documents are usually sent to the registered office address to ensure they have been delivered. 
Mail forwarding service. The registered office address can be used as a service address for nonresident companies. The registered office address service provider will accept mail on behalf of its clients and forward on where required. 
Who can use this service? 
If you have an existing registered UK company or plan to incorporate one but do not want to use your own address then using a registered office service address is a simple and effective alternative. There are various businesses provide this service including accountants and company formation agents. 
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