There could be a variety of reasons to want to trace someone in the UK ranging from legal to personal. One needs to be aware of what the legal requirements are to be able to find a person and the options that can be used. If the Government and legal requirements are not adhered to correctly then you could face legal action being made against you. 
Examples of illegal access include: 
Going through the personal mail of any individual. 
Gaining unauthorised access to any databases with personal information. 
Unauthorised access to government records. 
Trespassing upon a person’s private property without permission. 
Accessing any personal data without permission or the correct need to know reasons 
Some of these can be done if you use a professional law firm or detective agency that offer this type of service. It is best to obtain legal counsel before hiring anyone. 
Some of the easier ways to trace an individual via online and offline are: 
Phone directories/yellow pages: Finding someone the regular way using the yellow pages or phone directory can prove very useful. 
Social media: With social media being extremely popular across the world, it is a good place to look for someone. 
Visit the place where they lived/worked earlier: If you can find an earlier employer or where they lived it might aid in the search. Although, any organisation or company might be reluctant to share any employee information. 
Google: There always is Google or another search engine to assist with your search. 
Engage a professional tracer: If you are unable to locate any individual through your own efforts there are professional detectives and tracing agents who specialise in this tracing service, such as CCS Nationwide Ltd. Both a process server and tracing agent are specialists in tracing missing people and if required serving legal notices or documents. They also have access to documents and data that are not in the public domain. They can apply for legal approval for surveillance and obtain warrants etc. when required. 
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