1. Australia – This country because of its climate, sunny beaches, easy lifestyle and low crime rate is one of the most popular destinations for British people to emigrate to. Not only this, when compared to London, the cost of living in Sydney is somewhat lower, which is also a main reason for more and more British people immigrating to Australia. 
2. USA – The USA has an ever-growing job market, and employers are actively recruiting talented people from the UK who are already fluent in the English language. Moreover, if you reside aside cities such as New York, in the USA, you can get achieve more living space when compared to the UK for the same price. 
3. Canada - Canada is one of the most diverse, tolerant, and friendly countries in the world. Although the country has high tax rates, free excellent health care, and education for its permanent residents make up for it. 
4. Spain – Spain is one of the best retirement hotspots for British people. Not just pensioners, but the beautiful weather in Spain is something that attracts people of all ages. Spain is a large country, which offers huge varieties of landscapes for people to explore. Moreover, the cost of living in Spain is much cheaper than in the UK, which makes the country ideal for British emigrants. 
5. New Zealand – One of the main reasons people from all over the world emigrate to New Zealand is the quality of life. Moreover, New Zealand and the UK have many things in common when it comes to values, history, and the language, which makes the country much more inviting for the British people. 
6. South Africa – More and more British people are emigrating to South Africa because it’s size and landscapes, which means there is something for everyone. Monetarily, British ex-pats can do well in South Africa as its economy is still developing and expanding, and the property prices are reasonably priced. 
7. Ireland – Ireland even though a small country, has plenty to offer people visiting and emigrating to the country. The country is rich in culture, talent, and hosts a diverse friendly population. The country is a safe place to live and the crime rate is extremely low. 
8. Cyprus - Although the pace of life in the UK can be somewhat fast, life in Cyprus is much more laid back. The country is best for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of their UK lifestyle. 
9. Italy – Italy might not be the best country when it comes to employment opportunities, but the country is well known for its fine education system where it is free. Not only education but Italy also boasts of good healthcare system where you have access to some of Europe’s finest doctors and healthcare staff. Italy also boasts some of the finest cuisine in the world. 
10. Germany – Germany has almost everything to offer to British people right from good career opportunities to a clean and healthy environment, to low crime rates. Not only this, but Germany also provides one of the best healthcare facilities and as such is one of the best countries when it comes to its standards of living. 
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