CCS Nationwide are contacted daily to trace individuals for a number of reasons. Missing children, long lost friends, old school friends, former neighbours, acquaintances, debtors, potential business partners, beneficiaries. The list is endless. 
People lose touch with friends and family over the years and in many cases, the individuals move town, city or even country. 
There are many reasons why someone may want to find a missing friend or family member such as a family bereavement, execution of a will or just want to rekindle the old flame. 
Nowadays with the internet, the world has become increasing smaller place when it comes to finding individuals. There are websites, social media and public records easily available via the internet. If these fail then there are specialist-tracing experts who are able to locate people anywhere in the world. 
However, due to data protection and GDPR it is no longer that simple to find someone. We will always address whether our clients have a ‘legitimate interest’ before processing the enquiry. Most investigations will rely on the client’s ‘legitimate interest’ as the right to process an individual’s personal data. There are a number of legalities that have to be met to ascertain ‘legitimate interest’, before you can begin to try to trace someone. These include: 
Do you have a legitimate interest to locate a person? 
Does this person want to be located? 
What are the reasons to locate this person? 
We will always address whether our clients have a ‘legitimate interest’ before processing the enquiry. 
There are many people who do not want to be found for a many reasons including family abuse or may just not want to be contacted by former friend or family members. 
The best way to commence a trace would be to use a specialist, such as CCS Nationwide, who can obtain post trace consent. This means we will locate and contact the individual in question and establish whether or not they want to be re-connected with you and if we can pass back their details to the instructing party. 
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