Immovable property is an expensive and vital asset for the owner. You would not like to rent it to anyone without knowing his or her credentials such as identity, previous and current employment, character, conduct and behaviour. Only after being satisfied with the prospective tenant's identity and their honesty, integrity and capacity to pay the agreed rent on time will you decide about letting out your property to them. 
Tenant referencing is a process by which a landlord satisfies themselves that the prospective tenant will follow the terms and conditions of the agreement, will adequately maintain the property and not be a nuisance for the neighbor. They will then accordingly decide whether to let out their property to the prospective tenant. This process involves collecting and verifying of following documents and information of the prospective tenant: 
Photo identification: Drivers Licence or Passport, to establish their identity to ensure that the tenancy agreement is enforceable. 
Reference Letters from the Past Landlords and employers: To ascertain whether the prospective tenant is a responsible person, paid timely rents in the past, has taken proper care of the rented property before, and adhered to the terms of the tenancy contracts. 
Salary Slips: To ascertain whether they can pay the agreed rent on time. 
Rental History: Previous rental agreements to know previous terms and conditions of the property rented to them. 
Reference should include their Credit Scores and history and also details of bankruptcies to ascertain whether they have failed to pay bills in the past. 
Do you have a tenant who has left the property without giving notice and has since stopped responding to phone calls and texts? Our expert specialist tracing agents use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual.  
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