What is a tenant tracing service? 

Do you have a tenant who has left the property without giving notice and has since stopped responding to phone calls and texts? Our expert specialist tracing agents use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual. 
What is a tenant tracing service? 
Do you have a tenant who has left the property without giving notice and has since stopped responding to phone calls and texts? Our expert specialist tracing agents use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual 

Tracing an Ex-Tenant 

Tenant tracing is the process of locating ex-tenants whose current addresses are no longer known. 
Tenants can often leave a property without notice or providing the landlord with a forwarding address. 
In many cases tenants leave the property with unpaid rent and damage to the property.  
Landlords will want to ensure that they get any monies that were due to them before the tenants disappeared. This will probably involve taking the tenant to court. 
In order to take court proceedings against a tenant, you will need an address for the tenant to serve the legal documents on. 
Here at CCS, we make tenant tracing easy and stress free! 
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Information to assist with the Tenant Tracing service 

Before instructing our agent to undertake a people tracing service please ensure you provide as much background information as possible such as: 
Last known address (or addresses) 
If you can provide us with the address the tenant rented and any previous addresses they may have supplied as references when applying for the tenancy.  
Tenants Details 
Valuable information about the ex-tenant greatly enhances the rate for a successful tenant tracing. Information such as date of birth, marital status, Any known employment, car/vehicle details and registration number. Are there any known children or pets. 
Any contact details 
Telephone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn and other social media account information will also help to identify where the ex-tenant is.  
Known associates 
Any known people the ex-tenant has associations with will also help with the tenant trace as it can possibly identify any movements and areas likely to be located in. 

Tenant Tracing Processes 

The tenant tracing expert armed with as much information is now able to commence the tenant tracing service process. These will include the following: 
1. Last known Address 
Start with the last known address and look for links to new possible linked locations. Mail forwarding is a common link as people need to receive important correspondence. 
2. Notification changes. 
When leaving an address, the tenant will often notify various businesses, suppliers and utility companies, banks, credit card companies, etc. 
3. New residents 
The tenant tracing service agents will use their expertise to identify the names and similar names to a recently moved individual. 
These are a few of the processes the expert tenant tracer will use to start the search processes. Every tenant will leave a print somewhere and it is this print that our expert tenant tracing service agents will be looking for to identify a new and current address. Naturally, there are many more processes our expert tenant tracing service agents use but these are closely guarded secrets which make them superior to the competition. Our success rate is around 95% providing our clients have given as much accurate information as possible. 

When to start a tenant tracing service search? 

As soon as possible is the answer to this question. These traces can take quite some time as there may be multiple address moves as they avoid being found. There is also a possibility the tenant may have also passed away so will need to check death certificates and other public records to substantiate this. 

What if the tenant has moved overseas? 

If our expert tenant tracing service agents discover the tenant has moved abroad we have expert partners in every country for international tracing so will be able to locate and identify a living person anywhere worldwide. 
For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at sales@ccsnationwide.com or call us on +44 (0) 121 449 3045 
All tracing instructions are accepted on the basis you have sufficient reason, authority or permission to access the individual's personal file. 

What is tenant tracing? 

Landlords all over the UK have the same fear, and that is what will happen if tenants go AWOL and leave without giving a forwarding address or if they abandon the property without notice, leaving the house with substantial damage and unpaid rent. However, the good news is that we at CSS nationwide are here to help you as we are a tracing agency, which helps landlords trace an absconded tenant. The best thing about our tenant tracing agency is that we operate on the philosophy of no find no fee, which means if we are not able to find ex-tenant for you, we won’t take any fee from you. 
We suggest that if your tenant owes you money then you hire a tenant tracing agency as soon as possible to trace tenant so that you can recover your money soon and start legal proceedings if they are not ready to clear their debts. 

How CSS Nationwide can help to trace an absconded tenant? 

Our professional tenant trace services strive hard to connect you with your ex-tenant in the shortest time possible. Our agency has access to Birth, Death and Marriage records, BT database, Land Registry, Credit Databases, Electoral Roll, etc. all of which help to trace an ex-tenant. After we trace an absconded tenant, we will provide you with the current address of the tenant that will have been thoroughly verified by our professional tracing agents. 
After the tenant trace has been carried out, you are free to choose whether you want to have a dialogue with your ex-tenant or take legal action against them. If you want to proceed with court proceedings against a tenant you will need to serve the legal documents on them. We have agents available across the UK to serve court documents on an ex-tenant. 

NO FIND NO FEE UK Tenant Trace 

We have a highly experienced team of tracing agents, who trace tenants rent arrears and provide them with their contact addresses in no time. 
Contact us now if you want to trace an absconded tenant and recover your money from them! 
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