What is a tracing service? 

A tracing service is used to locate an individual who has left the last known address and their current whereabouts are unknown. Our expert specialist tracing agents use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual. 

What is a tracing service? 

A tracing service is used to locate an individual who has left the last known address and their current whereabouts are unknown. Our expert specialist tracing agents use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual. 
Here at CCS we make tracing simple. You may need to locate someone for a variety of reasons. Providing you have 'reasonable cause', we are happy to help you find anyone: 
Missing beneficiaries / Next of kin 
To track down legal witnesses 
In order to initiate process servings. 
Ex-partners for divorce proceedings 
Reunite family and friends. 
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Types of tracing services provided 
There are many reasons why you may wish to trace someone. 
This service is used when a debtor or late payer deliberately vacates his present address without notice and does not leave any forwarding address with the aim not to be found by his creditors and suppliers. 
Family Tracing 
This tracing service is used for domestic traces where a family member is no longer at the family residence and their current address is unknown to the other members of the family. The main reasons for using a tracing service in these circumstances are to locate a husband/wife for divorce proceedings or trace a father/mother in relation to the commitments to the children. 
Normally solicitors and lawyers use this service when they need to locate beneficiaries in relation to the execution of a will. The Executor has a legal responsibility to endeavour to locate and contact all beneficiaries named in a will or have an inheritance from a will. 
Trace an Old Friend 
If you have lost touch with someone - an old friend, or school friend and they are missing from your life we can help trace them for you. 
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"Fantastic speedy service, very helpful, used this company for our tracing service for the past three years" 
"Excellent quick service from CCS, again. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them." 
“As part of my work I use CCS Nationwide Ltd often. I always receive a really quick and efficient service from them, if any issues arise they are always approachable and eager to help.” 
“As always a fantastic service. Very quick & does whatever is asked of them, I thoroughly recommend them.” 

People Tracing Processes 

The people tracing services process for all tracing services provided is very similar. A specialist expert people tracing service agent will use various methods and skilled techniques to locate an individual’s present residence. Naturally due to GDPR there are stricter controls on accessing data from known databases and systems. This form of electronic only tracing service has a minimal success rate. Every person leaves a print of where they have been and where they are going. This can take the form of purchases where an address needs to be provided or services such as utilities which need to be set up. Simple things such as mobile phones and broadband all leave a print of the purchaser. Naturally with limitations our expert tracing agents have less resources to use but with many years’ experience they find ways and methods to find and locate people. 

People Tracing Services Requirements 

The more information provided to the people tracing services agent the greater the chances of a successful trace. This is the type of information required to assist the people tracing services agent: 
Last known address (or addresses) 
An habitual absconder will move around on a regular basis so multiple addresses will help the skip tracer to build a picture of the debtor’s movements 
Absconded Debtor Details 
Valuable information about the debtor greatly enhances the rate for a successful skip trace. Information such as date of birth, marital status, in known employment, car/vehicle details and registration number. Are there any known children or pets. 
Any contact details 
Telephone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn and other social media account information will also help to identify who the debtor is and possibly looks like. 
Known associates 
Any known people the debtor has associations with will also help with the skip trace as can possibly identify any movements and areas likely to be located in. 

International Tracing services 

Almost every country worldwide has people tracing services agents and here at CCS we have spent many years developing relationships to identify the best expert people tracing services agents globally. We have an extremely high rate of success anywhere in the world for finding the absconded debtor or the missing beneficiary or loved one. 

UK People tracing services 

Here in the UK we have over 25 years experience in find people. Our expert people tracing services UK agents use many methods and techniques to locate the missing people. With sufficient background information from the client we have a 95% success rate in locating the individuals they are seeking to find. 
For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at sales@ccsnationwide.com or call us on +44 (0) 121 449 3045 
All tracing instructions are accepted on the basis you have sufficient reason, authority or permission to access the individual's personal file. 
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