PI’s or private investigators are experts in collecting information about individuals and entities that may later be used in legal cases. They have an array of unique skills that help them to identify and collate critical information that the average person will not be able to do. Many TV shows and movies featuring them and their craft has led to numerous misconceptions and myths about their activities. Some of the more common myths that are related to private investigators include the following: 
With a pre-sue report, it is possible to identify if an individual or business is capable of repaying any debt owed by them to you. Getting a pre-sue/ pre-litigation report helps to confirm the debtor's overall financial situation and will reveal if it is worth going to court for the enforcement of any legally awarded judgment. In short, a pre-sue report is the best option to confirm if a debt is recoverable. 
Having a pre-sue report helps to know a debtor’s financial status accurately and their overall creditworthiness. Obtaining such specific information is extremely helpful in recovering outstanding debts because if the debtor is not creditworthy with a very poor financial standing, then the costs of legal actions may not prove viable. 
Since the report is a comprehensive and balanced assessment, it will keep you well informed about the steps to be taken to recover your debt
CCS Nationwide are contacted daily to trace individuals for a number of reasons. Missing children, long lost friends, old school friends, former neighbours, acquaintances, debtors, potential business partners, beneficiaries. The list is endless. 
People lose touch with friends and family over the years and in many cases, the individuals move town, city or even country. 
There are many reasons why someone may want to find a missing friend or family member such as a family bereavement, execution of a will or just want to rekindle the old flame. 
One or more individuals have ownership of a limited company. Any company that is limited by shares has its members that are ‘shareholders’ or ‘stakeholders’. On the other hand, any company that is limited by guarantee its members are called ‘Guarantors’. Both guarantors or shareholders can be individuals or they may be corporate entities in the form of trusts, LLPs, association or even other companies. 
A company can be closed by having its name removed from the Companies House Register if the following conditions are met: 
No name-change in the last three months. 
Does not have a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) etc. with creditors. 
If any of the conditions are not fulfilled the company must be voluntarily liquidated instead. 
There are many reasons why we lose touch with our family members and friends and as the years go by it becomes more and more difficult to get back in touch. As the saying goes life is too short and full of regrets for not patching up those arguments or fall outs. 
A director of a company is categorised officially as an officeholder and does not automatically qualify as an employee. If an individual is the only director of a limited company and manages the business himself, they may not qualify as an employee. 
As per the Employment Rights Act 1996, Section 230 an employee is an individual that works under or has entered an employment contract. As a norm, directors do not sign any employment contract although they may have a service contract. This is practically the same and offers an individual employment status. 
Liquidation of a company involves an appointed liquidator closing a company while it still has assets that have to be distributed amongst the creditors. When a company has formally been dissolved the name of the company is removed from the Companies House register as it becomes inactive and non-compliant to the regulations such as filing statutory documents. 
There could be a variety of reasons to want to trace someone in the UK ranging from legal to personal. One needs to be aware of what the legal requirements are to be able to find a person and the options that can be used. If the Government and legal requirements are not adhered to correctly then you could face legal action being made against you. 
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