Find an Old Friend 

If you have lost touch with someone - an old friend, or school friend and they are missing from your life we can help trace them for you. 
Find an Old Friend 
If you have lost touch with someone - an old friend, or school friend and they are missing from your life we can help trace them for you. 

I need to trace an old friend  

Are you thinking about looking for an old friend? We can help with locating an address and reporting on life events. Are they well? Did they get married? Are they are still with us? 
All you need to do is provide us with as much relevant information as you can about your old friend. This will give us the best chance of finding them for you. If you have very little information, or a very old address, don't worry! Our team can find people with very limited information. 
Our friendly team would be happy to speak to you if you are unsure about taking this step, or want to know the likelihood of success. When you need to trace an old friend you need a reliable people tracing service. 
Need Some Help? 
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Trace an Old Friend 

Do you miss your old friend who has stood by you through thick and thin and with whom you have made many memories? Do you want to catch up with this friend but have lost all contact with them? Almost all of us have some great friends in life, however, in this ever-changing world; it is too easy to lose touch. You always think of contacting your old friends, but due to other circumstances, you keep postponing, and before you know it, they have changed their mobile number or moved addresses. So now you have no idea or clue as to where your friend is, or how they are keeping. 

Trace Your Friend No Matter What The Reason 

There are several reasons for wanting to trace an old friend. No matter whether it is something explicit, a reunion, or just curiosity, getting in touch with your long lost friend and rekindling your friendship can be satisfying and bring back all those happy memories. No matter how old or new these friendships are, it is a great feeling to catch up with them again and reminisce about old times together. 

Why Choose Us To Trace An Old Friend? 

We provide one of the UK’s best tracing services that can help you find that friend even if you have not seen them for 50 years or more. With just limited information about your friend, we will be able to find them with high accurate results. No matter where they have moved to in the world or how many last names they have changed due to their marriage, we assure you that with us, you will find your friends in no time at all. We will provide you the details of your friend’s current address only after we are sure that they are the person that you are looking for so that there is no confusion further on. Our team of tracing agents will use various software and technology to make sure that you get the correct information of your friend’s current whereabouts as quickly as possible. 

We Are Here To Help You Find Your Old Friend! 

To help fulfill your life and make sure that you make new memories with your old friends, we at CCS are here to help you! We are helping people like you on a daily basis. If you are thinking about a friend who is no longer part of your life and you want to know how and where they are, you should contact us immediately wasting no more time wandering what IF. We, at CCS will be happy to help you with our dedicated team of experts locate the address of your friend, their phone number, and even act as a mediator to make sure that the initial contact between you is smooth and not uncomfortable. Moreover, not only contact details of your friends, but we at CCS can also provide you some important information about your friends, like, are they married, do they have children, where do they work, etc. 
So get ready to talk to your friend with whom you have lost touch with years ago! 
For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at or call us on +44 (0) 121 449 3045 
All tracing instructions are accepted on the basis you have sufficient reason, authority or permission to access the individual's personal file. 
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