We provide a complete UK divorce process serving package for an agreed flat fee which will include an Affidavit and/or a Certificate of service where required. 
We provide a complete UK divorce process serving package for an agreed flat fee which will include an Affidavit and/or a Certificate of service where required. 
Just a few reasons why our clients use CCS Nationwide for UK divorce process serving: 
One phone call to serve divorce papers/documents anywhere in the UK 
• 7 days a week divorce process serving service 
• Fast and efficient divorce process serving 
• Expert and fully approved agents many of which are ex policemen 
• Fixed agreed price to include multiple attempts, affidavits and certificates of service 
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For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at sales@ccsnationwide.com or call us on +44 (0) 121 449 3045 

UK Divorce Processes 

Filing for divorce in the UK can be stressful and very difficult and although you can do it yourself it is recommended to use a specialist solicitor where necessary. There are many complications when serving divorce documents. Initially a divorce petition has to be filed with the court and the petition will need to be served correct so the divorce can proceed further. If it is an amicable divorce and you and your spouse can reach all agreements on your own, the divorce may not have to go before a court. However, this a rarity as each party has conflicting views and cannot reach these agreements amicably. 

Process Serving a Divorce Petition 

It is important to ensure a Divorce Petition is served correctly so you can proceed further with the Divorce. If your spouse fails to return the Acknowledgement of Service, the Court will not allow you to move forward with the Divorce until you are able to confirm the Petition has been served. Divorce Petitions are normally served by either the Court Bailiffs or a Process Server. There are fees to pay which ever method you use but instructing a Process Server to serve the Divorce Petition should cost less and can be more efficient and quicker. CCS Nationwide’s process servers are fully experienced and with over 500 agents we are able to serve the Divorce Petition anywhere in the United Kingdom and provide you with all necessary statements of service where required. 

Process Serving of Divorce Papers 

The nature of a divorce means that emotions will be running high and the serving of divorce papers can result abusive and violent reactions by your spouse if the separation was not on amicable or mutual terms. Our experienced process servers will help you avoid any unnecessary contact with your spouse during this time, which can help take some of the stress and anxiety away for you and your spouse. The process servers will be aware and know how to handle any abuse or violent reaction from your spouse when serving the divorce papers. 

People Tracing Service UK 

In some cases the spouse is no longer at the last address known to you and may have moved to another location within the UK or even left the country without leaving a forwarding address. CCS Nationwide has a specialist people tracing service, not only to locate a spouse in the UK but also trace them if they have gone abroad. The people tracing service UK is provided on a fixed price No find No Fee basis with a 95% success rate here in the UK. Once found our process servers are then able to serve the divorce papers without further delays. If your spouse has fled the country we have specialist people tracing partners in every country worldwide who charge a fixed fee to locate the individual in question. We will then arrange for divorce papers to be served that country. 

Divorce Court Order 

Our experience divorce process servers will assist you throughout the divorce process ensuring all documents and paperwork are served correctly and in accordance with the court stipulatioons. Even if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce it doesn’t mean that they will follow through with their promises. 
With partners and associates all over the UK, we are also able to process serve documents and correspondence anywhere. 
Rest assured you are in safe hands with CCS Nationwide Ltd. 
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