How to trace a debtor? 

Tracing a debtor can be different to tracing other individuals as often the debtor does not want to be found. We would advise using a specialist debtor tracing agent such as CCS Nationwide. Our expert specialist people tracing agents have experience in locating individuals who are evasive. They have a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual. 
How to trace a debtor?  
Tracing a debtor can be different to tracing other individuals as often the debtor does not want to be found. We would advise using a specialist debtor tracing agent such as CCS Nationwide. Our expert specialist people tracing agents have experience in locating individuals who are evasive. They have a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing individual. 

What is Debtor Tracing

Debtor tracing also known as skip tracing is the process of locating and identifying absconded debtors who have left the last known address without providing a forwarding residence. 
Around 30% of all undeliverable post is from debtors moving home to a new address without notifying their suppliers of the changes. 
In many cases this is done without intent and they have just not notified all the relevant and interested parties. However, there is still a number of debtors who do this so as not to be found and avoid paying any outstanding debts and bills. 
It is important that innocent people are found quickly to avoid having detrimental information recorded against them and damaging their credit score. 
It is also just as important to locate absconded debtors who have fled overseas in order to make them accountable for the debts they have left behind. 
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Information to assist with the Debtor Tracing Service 

Before instructing our agent to undertake a debtor people tracing service please ensure you provide as much background information as possible such as: 
Last known address (or addresses) 
An habitual absconder will move around on a regular basis so multiple addresses will help with the skip tracing (debtor tracing) service to build a picture of the debtor’s movements. 
Absconded Debtor Details 
Valuable information about the debtor greatly enhances the rate for a successful debtor tracing . Information such as date of birth, marital status, in known employment, car/vehicle details and registration number. Are there any known children or pets. 
Any contact details 
Telephone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn and other social media account information will also help to identify who the debtor is and possibly looks like. 
Known associates 
Any known people the debtor has associations with will also help with the debtor trace as can possibly identify any movements and areas likely to be located in. 

Debtor People Tracing Service Processes 

The debtor people tracing expert armed with as much information is now able to commence the people debtor tracing service process. These will include the following: 
1. Last known Address 
Start with the last known address and look for links to new possible linked locations. Mail forwarding is a common link, as people need to receive important correspondence. 
2. Notification changes. 
When leaving an address, even absconding debtors need to notify various businesses, suppliers and utility companies, banks, credit card companies, etc. 
3. New residents 
The debtor people tracing service agents will use their expertise to identify the names and similar names to a recently moved individual. 
These are a few of the processes the expert debtor people tracing service agent will use to start the search processes. Every absconded debtor will leave a print somewhere and it is this print that our expert debtor people tracing service agents will be looking for to identify a new and current address. Naturally, there are many more processes our expert debtor people tracing service agents use but these are closely guarded secrets which make them superior to the competition. Our success rate is around 95% providing our clients have given as much accurate information as possible. 

When To Start a Debtor People Tracing Service 

As soon has your debtor fails to pay you on time and stops answering your calls then this is the start time. The quicker you inform us of an absconded debtor the faster we are able to trace them. Persistent late payers will often vacate their premises deliberately and quickly to evade chasing creditors and suppliers. Our expert debtor people tracing service agents will hone in on any information you provide to track down the absconded debtor. 
For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at or call us on +44 (0) 121 449 3045 
All tracing instructions are accepted on the basis you have sufficient reason, authority or permission to access the individual's personal file. 


Every year thousands of debtors in the UK abscond and default on their financial payments, burning a big hole in the pockets of the businesses and landlords, and, thus, leaving unpaid debts. No matter whether a company is small or big, simply writing off debts that clients are refusing to pay can result in huge losses for both the business as well as the individual. 
It is true that while trading on credit terms, you must ask for up-to-date personal details from your debtor, but what if after receiving the money the debtor has stopped answering your calls? What if the address provided by him is not correct, or, he is just absconding with your money? Don’t worry, in such a situation the services of CCS nationwide, which is one of the best tracing services in the UK, can help you! 

Experienced Tracing Agents UK 

Our debtor tracing service UK employs tracing agents who have a background in law enforcement and have experience working as private investigators. Our tracing agents UK have direct access to the house records of several companies, listing every aspect of these companies. Our highly efficient tracing software further complements our tracing agents UK and makes sure that you get back in touch with errant debtors as soon as possible. 

How Our UK Debtor Tracing Service Works? 

Even though today a lot of information is available in the public domain, still, there is no substitute for our highly experienced tracing agents who will make sure that your debtors don't disappear with your hard-earned money. Our tracing agents UK have all the latest and up to date information available, which means you get fast, comprehensive, and accurate results. Not just tracing software, our highly dedicated tracing agents also use internal and powerful third party tracing systems, which make sure that you get the current address of the subject debtor in real-time. Moreover, our systems are updated regularly with new information taken from various parties making sure that our data keeps on increasing, and the details are regularly updated. 

Why Our Debtor Tracing Service UK? 

There are indeed numerous debtor tracing services in the UK, however, what makes us different is the fact that all our tracing services come with a “no trace-no fee” guarantee. This means, we, at CCS nationwide tracing services charge an agreed fee for a successful trace only. Moreover, with a nationwide network of tracing agents, and a proven track record of debtor tracing both within the UK and internationally, we are one of the most reliable and outstanding debtor tracing services in UK. Our wide range of services at CCS nationwide help businesses and individuals to find debtors and collect outstanding funds. With our debtor tracing service, we make sure that all work is carried out legally and properly, following all current laws and guidelines. Our tracing agents UK are reliable, effective, and one of the best in the industry. 
Contact us today, and we will locate your debtor and help you with the first step to recover your debt! 
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