Many directors often prefer to receive formal letters and notices connected to their position in a company, such as those from Companies House, HMRC, the Insolvency Service, the courts, and other governmental agencies to a specific address, not their home address. This address is known as the director's service address or correspondence address. When forming a limited company, some individuals, including directors, are obliged to give their "usual residence address" to Companies House as part of the application. You are allowed to use your home as the director service address, but be aware that Companies House will publish this address on the official record of companies, which is accessible to the general public. Therefore, most directors favour using a non-residential address as their correspondence address to minimise the quantity of personal information made public. 
It is becoming more and more popular to use a director's service address as many small and home-based organisations today operate on tight budgets or don't need commercial space for their regular operations, yet would still like to keep their home address private from the public. 
A director search can be done quickly and is beneficial. The facts you discover during the director search will enhance your understanding of management and organisational structure. On Companies House, when you insert the director's name into the Director Search field, a complete list of directors will appear as a result. This will provide information about each director, such as their DIN, date of appointment, the name of the firm, etc. 
Here at CCS Nationwide our no find no fee tracing services are available for anyone with reasonable cause. It can be difficult to get in touch with directors when correspondence addresses are incorrect, old or outdated. We can help you in locating the current address for the directors, so you can get in touch with them, for reasons such as debt collection. We do not rely on electronic data for our traces, such as the electoral roll data, that so many other tracing agent companies reply on. Our trace teams use manual investigation and internal and third-party tracing agent systems that are significantly more powerful. The systems we use are updated daily with new data gathered from credit applications, business meetings, utility and phone invoices, marketing surveys, and Post Office diversions. 
Our trace services are provided with complete discretion - so we will not disclose to the individual that you have instructed us to locate them. 
We will provide you with the current address of the subject which will have been verified and traced via our tracing experts. All our reports come with a 30 day guarantee, so in the event you have any questions, or feel the information is incorrect of the subject has since left, we will re-check this for you free of charge. In the unlikely event we cannot supply a further current address, we will provide a full refund. If we are unable to locate the subject in the first place, we will provide you with a free negative report on the work we have done. 
If you need help locating a company director, please contact us - 
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