For those living as tenants it is their right to know the name and address of their landlord. 
This information should be found within the tenancy agreement signed before taking occupancy of the property as the agreement would have been signed by all parties involved and their addresses entered prior to signing. 
When you entered into an agreement prior to renting a property, the documents should have been provided by the agent or landlord along with: 
Information about the deposit (for assured short hold tenants). 
The gas safety record for the property for those using gas appliances. 
These documents should have the necessary details of the landlord and following the signing by all parties a copy would have been given to you for safe keeping. 
However, if this has been mislaid or you cannot trace receiving your copy you should the tenancy deposit agency for information who will provide you with details of who to contact or write to. This will be sent to you via email or post depending on your requirements. 
Once you submit a written request for landlord information it needs to be provided within 21 days. Failing to do this the local council can prosecute the landlord and impose a penalty of up to £2,500. 
There is also a provision to make a formal complaint if the information requested is not provided by the agent or landlord. You could also make a formal complaint against the acting agent if they do not provide the information you have requested. 
Another option would be to contact the local council who should have information about the landlord including his contact details. 
In addition, you can get in touch with the private rented housing team and the council tax dept. 
The Land Registry is another to search, as it should have the property owner’s details on record. There will be a small charge made by the Land registry for this information. 
However, if you are a subtenant the landlord cannot be found in this manner. A subtenancy occurs when the property is rented by your landlord from the actual property owner and it is sublet to you. However, this information should be disclosed in your rental agreement. 
If you need any assitance in finding your landlord, whether they have left the last address you have for them, or you have no record of a previous address, we are happy to help.  
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