If you want to trace a person yourself, we at CCS have compiled a list of techniques you can use, along with the problems associated with this method. If you believe you are able to trace an individual without the need to engage any professional help, we have provided the following list of processes to commence your search: 
1. Gather as much data as possible – Try to remember and collect as much details as possible that you have about the person you are trying to trace. It is a good idea to write down all this information in a notebook or on your laptop so it is not forgotten. Even if you want to send these details to a tracing agent, you can easily do so via an email. You can make a file in your computer comprising the information that you already know about the person, like their name, their birth date, whether they are married or not, do they have children, their last address, or any other thing that you believe would be relevant. 
2. Internet search – Now, search the internet for the person by putting their name on Google or other search engines. If there are no results, you can try to search by putting some other linked information such as part name and part last known address or date of birth. Other useful information you can search with includes: Did the person win a championship in a particular year and if so search for the details of that championship on Google and this could give some results. 
3. Social Media Platform – In the present age, almost everybody uses some kind of social media platforms. This is a great media to search for given names and addresses but again use variants of the details you have to make these searches as people. If you are not able to find a particular person, you may have details of mutual friends and can search for them instead. If you are successful in finding them, you can then ask them about the details of the person you are looking for. 
4. Electoral Roll – You can check the edited version of the Electoral Roll for free through the local cities and towns. Make sure to tally all the details you know so that you do not get results on the wrong person. 
5. Certificates - It is difficult but you should check a GRO index if the person you are tracing for they may have married or divorced since you last saw them. If you are able to obtain the certificate of the correct person you will find a lot of information about them from the certificate. 
6. Probate and wills – If you have an inclination that the person that you are looking for may have passed away then you can go through Probate and wills, which will help you confirm or deny this. 
7. Companies House – If you believe that the person you are looking for held a directorship with a limited company, you can check the register of directors and locate them from this source. 
If these tips to trace the person fail, you can always contact CCS and we assure you that we will trace the person for you! 
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