Companies House is a government department for Business, Skills, and Innovation in the UK. Its function is to regulate and incorporate Limited Liability Partnerships Private Limited companies and Public Limited Companies. There are also a number of other legal entities registered with Companies House. As the official registrar of companies in the UK, it functions in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. 
The major functions of Companies House are inspection and maintenance of all information of registered businesses, which are displayed on the register of companies and can be accessed online by the general public, as well as businesses. All electronic data is free, and the general public can monitor and inspect the ownership, actions, and reliability of every company transacting business in the UK. This makes the UK the first country to create an incredible open corporate information register available to everyone. However, a nominal fee is charged for some of the documents. 
Companies House also provides the following services: 
Companies House Beta Service: It is a free facility for the public to access every public data held by Companies House on registered business in the UK. 
Companies House Web Filing Service: It is a substitute filing service that allows Limited companies to submit information and documents to Companies House online. It is safer, effective more cost-effective and customers receive a confirmation email immediately. 
Companies House Web Check Service: This service provides access to the general public and business to information about companies registered in the UK. The majority of documents are available as images and can be downloaded free of charge; however, some documents attract nominal administrative fees. 
Companies House Direct Service: This service provides access to the general public to every record held by Companies House. 
The difference between Companies House and HMRC is that only registered companies in the UK need to file their accounts with Companies House, whereas all businesses need to do this with HMRC, together with their tax returns. 
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