Understanding a Company Registration Number (CRN) 
All UK registered companies and business have a unique company registration number that identifies them. There is no clarity about whether invoices generated by a company should feature the company registration number but they have to show their VAT registration number if applicable. It is generally referred to in its abbreviated form ‘CRN’ and occasionally termed as Companies House number. 
You will find your CRN on your certificate of incorporation and it will also be on any official documentation you receive from Companies House. Your CRN is also visible to the public and can be found on the public register of companies, which you can access online via Companies House. 
Need for a CRN 
A CRN number is not needed for every business and is only assigned to those companies that are registered at Companies House. Partnerships and sole traders do not have a CRN and are assigned only a VAT or UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number. The CRN is displayed on the incorporation certificate and other correspondence sent from Companies House. It is also seen online at the Companies House register of companies. 
The CRN number comprises eight characters and depending of the type of entity may contain letters as well as numbers. Once issued the CRN cannot be changed and it is generated upon the formation of a company. It serves as a unique identification for the registered business at Companies House. It is an automated generated number and a business owner cannot choose his/her CRN number. 
The CRN number can vary subject to where it was incorporated and the kind of company it is: 
LLPs in Scotland have their CRN begin with SO followed by 6 digits 
LLPs in England and Wales have their CRNs starting with OC and 6 numbers. 
LLPs in Northern Ireland’s CRNs start with NC and 6 numbers. 
A Ltd and Plc. Company in Scotland have the CRN starting with SC followed by 6 numbers. 
A Ltd and Plc. in England and Wales have the CRN comprising 8 numbers. 
A Ltd and Plc. in Northern Ireland’s CRN start with NI and 6 digits. 
A LP (limited Partnership) in Scotland have a CRN starting with SL followed by 6 numbers 
A LP in England and Wales have a CRN beginning with LP followed by 6 numbers 
A LP in Northern Ireland have a CRN beginning with NL followed by 6 numbers 
Also older Ltd and PLC companies in Northern Ireland have a CRN beginning with R followed by 7 numbers. 
The CRN is totally different to the UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) and the VAT number. 
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