The pandemic has increased the urge for us to search for near and dear ones. The pandemic has made everyone sit up and take notice of the most important people in our lives. In our fast-paced lifestyles before COVID, we hardly took the time or effort to catch up with distant family and friends. However, the isolation of the pandemic has resulted in people developing an interest to search for long lost relatives and friends all over the world. For this, they are hiring the services of specialist tracing agency, CCS Nationwide, with the hope of getting reunited. 
What initially started with a select few people has now become the trend with it even earning a mention in the media. There was an article in the Washington Post that mentioned the urgency in people to track down their loved ones since the pandemic began. 
We examine some of the factors that are driving people to reconnect with friends and family in a whole new way... 
The lockdown’s isolation made people aware 
For the past year and more, lockdowns combined with restrictions on socialising and travel have led to isolation. Mental health experts have recommended nurturing and renewing our relationships to better connect as humans. In such circumstances, the absence of special people in our life is more pronounced. It has resulted in many individuals wanting to reach out and fill the emptiness in their lives. 
More time spent in self-reflection 
From missing the daily routines of our lives to events being cancelled and all social spots shut, there has been a complete change in the way we live our lives. People have loads of time at hand with nothing to do. Without having a routine to stick to, people now have an abundance of time to sit back, introspect and reflect on the important things in life and the people that play a major role in them. If there is someone very dear who you have lost touch with or is untraceable, it is likely at this time to feel the urge to trace and get in touch. 
COVID has made all of us more concerned about our health and well being and that of our family and friends. It is only natural to wonder how someone long lost is managing and if they are doing well. The concern for their well-being makes the urge to reconnect more intense. 
The pandemic has reminded us about the fragility of life 
Uncertainty has come to dominate our lives through this difficult phase with reading and watching the media, people have become more conscious of how uncertain life is for every one. It has made us aware of the importance of human relationships in a whole new light. 
If you, like so many others, have been thinking about a long-lost firned or family member and want to know their whereabouts, it is time to act on your thoughts. Working with a specialist tracking company such as CCS Natiowide will be a step in the right direction! Contact us now at or 0121 449 3045 
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